Infiniti Cleaning Cartridges™

Large 9″x6″Cleaning Surface Area
50% Larger then Other Leading Brands

1 Cleaning Cartridge Roll is Equivalent to 24, 4-inch Standard Cleaning Pads

Cartridge Refills Come in 2 Packs

Cleaning Cartridge Fabric

Cleaning Cartridges feature a proprietary blend of
viscose and polyester fibers in a nonwoven fabric to
better remove moisture, dirt and grime from your floors.

2 Non-Scratch Scrub Pads

The 2 Non-Scratch Scrub Pads add extra cleaning power to the Infiniti Mop. They can help remove scuff marks and other tough debris from your floors without scratching. Use the Cleaning Brush to remove excess debris from the pads.


  • Forget Handling Single Cleaning Pads – The Infiniti CleanerTM provides a continuous Cleaning Cartridge without ever having to “Handle” the slime or the dirt.
  • Forget changing Dirty Pads Every Couple of Minutes – The Infiniti Cleaning CartridgeTM lasts for multiple cleanings. Simply store the Infiniti CleanerTM until the next time you clean.
  • Forget Peeling Dirty Soiled Pads that just cleaned a Bathroom Floor – The front Cleaning Cartridge secures the dirt on the inside of the roll, keeping your hands clean.

Cleaning CartridgesTM
Drop into Place

Dirt is Trapped on the Inside
of the Cleaning CartridgeTM

Turn Dial to Advance the Cleaning CartridgeTM

Infiniti Cleaning Cartridge System™ 

Patent Pending

How it Works: The front cartridge traps dirt and debris on the inside of the roll as you turn the manual dial advancing the Infiniti Clean fabric. Stop advancing after the soiled fabric is contained inside the roll. You can turn the Infiniti Cleaning CartridgeTM as much as you like, or as little as you need, depending upon the amount of soiled fabric on the bottom of the mop – saving you extra cleaning fabric!