Find out why 74% surveyed preferred The Infiniti Cleaner over Swiffer™.
Our revolutionary floor cleaning breakthrough means you’ll never have to touch diry bacteria or viruses again!
No Need To Waste Time, Or Risk Touching Virus And Germ-Filled Dirty Pads
Forget handling those dirty & slimy pads that have been all over your bathroom floor.

Those cleaning pads carry bacteria and viruses. Never touch them again!

Stop pushing dirty, muddy water around your floors and just REMOVE it.

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Floor Cleaning

Advancing the cleaning cartridge takes seconds

Just lift the rear lid, and turn the dial. Much easier than bending over and handling the pads yourself.

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Dirt gets trapped inside

…while your hands stay clean. No need to ever touch a germ, bacteria or fecal matter again.

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Cleans more space faster

The Infiniti Cleaner has 24, four-inch cleaning pads on 1 roll, which lasts for “multiple” cleanings.

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Wet mode for tougher jobs

Just pull the trigger, and cleaning solutions sprays from the front corners. Great when you just want your floors to shine!

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Thoughtfully designed, and extremely versatile, there’s nothing the Infiniti Cleaner can’t handle

Dry Mode
For Dusting Floors

The Infiniti Cleaner can act a duster when you need it. Now that’s versatile!

Cleans Spills

Ketchup? A glass of spilled milk? No need to cry about it ever again, the Infiniti Cleaner handes it all.

Wet Mode
For Tougher Jobs

Just use the trigger on the handle, which sprays cleaning solutions out in front, and you can handle the toughest jobs in the house.

Cleans Under Cabinets

The Infiniti Cleaner is sleek, lightweight, and designed to easily glide over the floor, even under cabinets.

Cleans Messes

You’ll never reach for your old cleaning tools again! Just grab your Infiniti Cleaner and say goodbye to those footprints!

Cleans Under Hard to
Reach Places

Its light weight and flexible hinge means you can reach hard to clean places with ease.