We created the Infiniti Cleaner because we realized that there had to be a better way to clean.
Being tired of having to touch and handle all the nasty cleaning pads and the residue that
was left on the cleaning pads from a dirty kitchen floor, or worse a dirty bathroom floor,
prompted us to create the Infiniti Cleaner™ and the Infiniti Cleaning Cartridge System™.
This proprietary process allows the Cleaning Cartridge fabric to be placed on a continuous
roll that advances with just a turn of a dial. No changing out dirty pads or stopping your
work-flow, means you can be finished faster. One of the best features of the Infiniti Cleaner is
having all the dirt and debris, collected from the floor, rolled up on the “inside” of the
Cleaning Cartridge, trapping the dirt on the inside of the fabric, so you never have to touch
a dirty cleaning pad again !

The Cleaning Cartridges hold over the equivalent of 24, 4-inch cleaning pads on one continuous
roll, and with a 50% larger cleaning surface area, you clean a larger area faster. Especially when you don’t 
have to stop every couple of steps to constantly change out a dirty cleaning pad.
Please view our demonstration videos to see how the Infiniti Cleaner can help make your floor
cleaning a little easier.

We can’t wait for you to try the new Infiniti Cleaner and tell us about your experiences with it
as we continue to add new products like the Infiniti Duster, the Infiniti Steamer and the
Infiniti Mini-Vac to our line of cleaning products….with the goal of making your
household cleaning process a bit better, faster and easier for You. We guarantee it !